Repairs and Renovations

The easy button for commercial or home small projects

Serving Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas

Proaid Renovations now provides a simplified way to get your small projects and repairs done. Is your project too small to attract a contractor? Andrew Trenholm will handle you door replacements, trim, painting/texturing, drywall, lighting, carpentry, and more.

Day labour rate:

  • $960 Day Rate – craftsman (Andrew Trenholm) with tools and van for 7 hours
  • Additional hours or over time at $120hr
  • Assistant at $60hr


  • Additional to labour at cost price + 5% GST

How it works:

You would make a list of tasks to be done, and pay for each day you use our top level craftsman with his tools and vehicle: 

    • No more trying to attract contractors to a site visit, then waiting for quotes, with a dragged out back-and-forth haggling process that ultimately costs the customer and contractors time and money.
    • No more paying over $120 an hour for a handyman franchise to send you someone they pay $30 an hour to produce $30-an-hour level of quality.
    What is included with the “Day Rate”?
    • Job done according to Alberta building code.
    • A renovation craftsman for 7 hours: with professional skill level in carpentry, coatings and paint, drywall, framing, and general home repairs. Count on your craftsman to be clean, courteous, competent, honest, and hardworking.
    • Large van: for picking up supplies, hauling demolition waste, and tools.
    • Tools: power tools, hand tools, drywall tools, painting tools and equipment, common fasteners and supplies.
    • Materials: Contractor pricing for materials (from participating suppliers). Materials are charged at cost price plus 5%, the receipts are scanned and attached to your invoice.
    • Clock starts when craftman arrives.
    • The final invoice will lists the tasks accomplished each day.
    • Up to 30 min travel time to the worksite.

    Proaid carries WCB insurance, 5 million liability insurance, prepaid contractor license, Calgary business license.

    Who is the day-rate available to?
    • Commercial spaces
    • Residential interior/exterior
    • Rental properties
    • Home owner getting ready to sell
    • Property managers
    • Realtors helping their clients get ready to sell their home
    Why don’t I have an option of hourly or half day billing?

    Less then a day doesn’t make business sense.

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