Home Repair Package

for Home Owners and Realtors

Serving Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas

Proaid Renovations Ltd. now provides a simplified way for home owners and realtors to get competent and trustworthy home repairs done when they are selling a home. Our pricing has just enough profit to ensure you are served well, with excellent craftsman, and quality results.

Day labour rate:

  • $960 Day Rate – craftsman with tools and van for 7 hours
  • Additional hours or over time at $120hr
  • Assistant at $60hr each


  • Additional to labour at cost price + 5% GST

How it works:

Home owner makes a list of task to be done and pays for each day they use our top level craftsman with his tools and vehicle: 

  • No more trying to tak contractors into site visits and waiting for quotes, and a dragged out back and forth haggling process that ultimately costs the customer and contractors time and money.  
  • No more paying over $120 an hour for a handyman franchise to send you a $30 an hour handyman to produce $30 an hour quality.
    What is included with the “Day Rate”?
    • A renovation craftsman for 7 hours: with professional skill level in carpentry, coatings and paint, drywall and framing, Alberta building code and general home repairs. Count on your craftsman to be clean, courteous, competent, honest, and hardworking.
    • Large van: for picking up supplies, hauling demolition waste, and tools.
    • Tools: power tools, hand tools, drywall tools, painting tools and equipment, common fasteners and supplies.
    • Materials: Contractor pricing for materials (from participating suppliers). Materials are charged at cost price plus 5%, the receipts are scanned and attached to your invoice.
    • Clock starts when craftman arrives.
    • Final invoice that lists the task accomplished each day.

    Also:  Up to 30 min travel time to the worksite, coordination, WCB insurance, 5mil liability insurance, prepaid contractor bond, licensing.

    Who this is available to?
    • Home owner getting ready to sell their home with a pre-sale handyman list
    • Property managers with a miscellaneous repair list
    • Realtors helping their clients get ready to sell their home
    Why don’t I have an option of hourly or half day billing?

    For the ammount of resources used in hadeling an appointment (scheduling, vehicle, tools, and craftsman, drive time, insurance, fuel, etc.) we end up needing to charge the same for one hour as for the day.

    Phone to book: 403-536-1416

    Email to book: info@proaid.ca

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